Truckster’s final day in Myrtle Beach

It's raining here in Myrtle Beach

It's raining here in Myrtle Beach

Today we did some exploring of Myrtle beach and hit some of the hot spots as well.  On our way around town, we ran across a few vehicles that rivaled our own (if you can believe it!)  We were looking for a place to eat when we came across this awesome van with a lobster laying on top of it.  I’m not sure if it was raining lobsters earlier or if this one just crawled up on its own, but either way, Adam and I were in awe of the giant crustacean living on top of this van.  I wanted Adam to pose like that on the Truckster, but we agreed he was no comparison for this giant sea-beast.

We also found another woody station wagon!  I thought ours was the only glamorous ride in town, but in a CVS parking lot, we found our rival.  Whose do you think wins?

some bonding time

some bonding time

Planet Hollywood was right around the corner from our lobster buddy, so we swung by thinking our “moviestar” ride would have the credibility to get us into VIP.  To our amazement, sitting in front of the restaurant was this unique defense vehicle…apparently they beat us to the punch!

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood

Right next door to Planet Hollywood is an area called Broadway at the Beach.  This 350-acre center has 19 restaurants, two movie theaters, some of the best shopping available in Myrtle Beach and an amusement park.  We hung out at the amusement park for a little, talking to some of the visitors about the Truckster and how to win a vacation from Homeaway.  It’s great when people see the Truckster on vacation, because it’s an unexpected sight to add to your trip.

The day was a lot of fun (although it was about 100 degrees) and by the end of it we were exhausted.  Adam probably shouldn’t have been driving because he drove us right into this giant shark, which is where I’m writing this blog from.  I just saw a jellyfish swim by–I hate jellyfish!  We’re still inside this shark’s belly so if you’re reading this…HELP!



If we make it out of this shark, we’ll drive to Virginia Beach tomorrow to have more fun in the sun!


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