Truckster at Taste of Reston

Tommy McFly with MIX 107.3

Tommy McFly with MIX 107.3

What a day!  Taste of Reston in Reston, VA was a blast!  We got to hang out with Tommy McFly (twitter: @tommymcfly) and MIX 107.3.  During the day, Tommy hosted a hula hooping contest.  Now, these contests usually last 30 seconds to a minute (4 kids enter, last one hooping wins), however, there was a brother and sister combo that was RUNNING IT!  These kids took over 5 minutes before one of them dropped!  The champion never actually slipped up but was forced to stop.  Tommy later admitted to me that it was the longest contest he’d ever seen at the station—it was the longest I’ve ever seen in my life.

I had no idea there would be so many types of food and restaurants in Reston!  For Lunch, I had 2 different kinds of sliders (one with mozzarella, tomato and some other fancy toppings I don’t know much about), sweet potato fries and for dinner I had 2 different kinds of sushi (shrimp tempura and spicy tuna).  This was just the tip of the iceberg—there was pizza, sausage, gelato, ice cream, meatballs, rolls, seafood, wines, beer…so much to choose from.  The hardest thing about showing off the Truckster at one of these events is to not get drawn away into the different aromas traveling through the air!  It’s very difficult to be telling someone about the Truckster and then get a whiff of some fresh pizza or burgers—how cruel of them to cook right next to us!

This poor fellow got tied to the bumper like Dinky, but don’t worry, we didn’t go anywhere.  His owner thought it was great, but if he knew what he was posing for, I’m not sure he would agree.  I hope he at least gets a treat when he gets home!

Where's the dog?

Where's the dog?

Tomorrow we are going to a car show for Father’s Day.  Although my dad isn’t very into cars, it would be cool if he could come down and see the Truckster—he just retired so I know he has a lot of time on his hands.


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