Truckster Enters PA!

Today, we took the Truckster back to the homeland!  Stephanie and I share the bond of both being born in Pennsylvania (The Keystone State) so we were excited to visit the beginning of both our country and our lives.  Stephanie was born in Langhorne and I am from Harrisburg.  For the entire trip thus far, we couldn’t decide where Langhorne was.  Finally, I looked it up on Google Maps and we noticed it was near Philly!  Congrats Stephanie—we found it!



No, Pat's!No, Pat’s!

Once we entered, we decided the first thing we had to do was eat some cheesesteaks!  We decided to eat at both Pat’s and Geno’s in order to make an informed decision on which one was the best.  After some careful review and deep reflection, Steph decided that Pat’s cheesesteaks were better and I thought…..Geno’s!  Who knew that two neighboring establishments both serving bread, steak, onions and cheese could ignite such debate?  Just saying the words “I’ll have one wit, whiz” makes my mouth water now.

After the “Cheesesteak Experience” we did some Philly sightseeing.  This led us to Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell and The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I love Philly's art!

I love Philly's art!

We couldn’t stay long though in the City of Brotherly Love because we had to get to our Townhome in Atlantic City!  (I’m excited because it’s on the waterfront and has an awesome rooftop deck)!

On the way there, we had to stop and see Lucy the Elephant in Margate.  Built in 1881, she is the world’s largest elephant.  She also stands 6 stories tall and has been used as a real estate office, tavern, home and landmark.  I have a special place in my heart for Lucy because as a child, I used to run around screaming “Elephant! Elephant! Elephant!” (I remember none of this, but my parents claim it to be true).  As a result, every summer when we visited the Jersey Shore, my parents would take me to Lucy where I could practice my version of free speech.

Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ

Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ

Also, we’re going to a Phillies game tomorrow!  That is…if we haven’t lost all our money in Atlantic City.  I don’t know what Steph has in mind, but I plan on doubling all mine!


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