Edna’s run-in with the cops and sites from New York City

This blog was meant to encompass a recount of our day of sightseeing with the Truckster in preparation for the next few days we’ll spend at TBEX, the Travel Blogger’s Exchange conference happening this weekend. However, much to our surprise, the following took place while en route to the ‘big apple’:

John: “Wow, this cop is tailing me pretty close. They usually pull you over right after they do that.”

Cop car turns lights on.

“Ugh–” (sad face)

We pulled over, anxious about the exchange that was about to take place (one, undoubtedly, much different from the blogger exchange that we’ve been preparing ourselves for.) The officer walked up to the window and asked for John’s paperwork. He began questioning us, the suspicious twenty-something-year-olds who obviously had stolen some older individual’s retro wagon, threw a blanket over the body as they tossed it in the back seat, and took off with all of his 70’s Samsonites — naturally.

After a little convincing, (yes we had to unwrap Edna to prove that she was actually a mannequin,) our cop friend returned to his vehicle to run some numbers.

Luckily, we managed to drive away with just a warning, but only as another law enforcement vehicle stopped to provide back-up support. A close call? Yes, I’d say so. But hey, everyday’s an adventure when you’re on HomeAway’s Great American Road Trip!

Any close encounters you’d like to share? Steph <3s reading comments, so share away!

And will somebody alert the officials… this family vacation lovin’ TRUCKSTER is in the city, and we come in peace!

TBEXers, The Truckies are so excited to meet and greet all of you tonight at the kick-off reception! We’ll be the ones parked out front with the Truckster, so say hello on your way in and get your picture with none-other than the Wagon Queen herself. =)

PS – I loved and hated every moment of driving through downtown NYC. Cross that one off of my bucket list and enjoy these photos from our day:


About Jennifer Stafford
Jennifer is the Social Media Manager for HomeAway and has been with the company since 2007. She works on global social media programs and helps manage all of the US social media accounts. Prior to joining HomeAway she was the SEO lead for GEICO in Washington DC. Outside of work Jennifer travels as much as possible and is always planning her next trip!

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