Truckster docks in Portland, Maine

When we told people we were going to Portland, we found out a lot of word-of-mouth information about the place.  Too bad they were taking about Portland, Oregon and we were speaking to people in Boston, which is about an hour from the Maine border.  Once we our exact destination all figured out, they said, “Ahhh! Portland Maine is beautiful, it’s got beautiful brick streets and more bars than…anywhere!”  What?!  From what we gather from Portland locals and Bostonians, this brick-laden port city has one of the highest amount of restaurants and bars per capita.  It’s no surprise that this city of over 60,000 people has been consistently ranked as one of the top food destinations in America.

Steph plus Snappa Dawg=Bliss

Steph plus Snappa Dawg=Bliss

On our first day, we wanted to head into the heart of downtown to get a feel for the city.  We figured parking on Congress St. (a main street through town) would enable us to talk to a lot of locals about the Truckster as well as fill our own selfish needs of where to find fun in town!  We parked next to a hot dog stand called “MONSTA DAWGS” and were instantly greeted by Scott, the man of the stand.

For reasons I won’t get into now, I like to pride myself in having a keen eye for a fantastic hot dog and my instincts were right!  In addition to serving some of the best hot dogs in town, Scott was also a huge fan of the Truckster.  It was instant friendship.  He treated us to our first Snappa Dawgs (only found in Maine and pronounced “snapp-er” by anyone living more than 3 hours south) and I believe if I shut my eyes and wish hard enough, I can still taste the great flavor of ‘kraut, relish, onion, mustard and of course, snappa (not the fish, just dawg).  He also served as a tour guide for us, telling us where to find cool concerts in the area, and of course, any of the hundreds of restaurants and bars around.

Scott and Me...the Monstas!

Scott and Me...the Monstas!

Through the busy sidewalks, the Truckster must have stood out pretty well (maybe it was Edna on the roof, or perhaps the pure wood panelings) because we were soon approached by WCSH 6, an NBC affiliate who wanted to run a story on us.  I guess driving around in metallic pea green isn’t such a bad thing after all!

Hello Portland!

Hello Portland!

Tonight we’re going to eat at some of Portland’s finest seafood and ease into a day of relaxation…



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