The Adventures of Saratogota Springs, Rifton, Wappingers Falls, NY

WARNING: This is a long one – video at the bottom!

These past few days the state of New York has shown this southern girl some true Yankee hospitality.

Saturday morning we were at the Corvette Lawn Show at the Saratoga Automobile Museum. John bought a brand new keychain that resembles our favorite woody wagon, while I strutted around the show sporting the official “Saratoga Automobile Museum” pin that Alan, our gracias host from the museum, had given us. He also presented us with a special gift that I could not be more excited about – an entire box of little pine air fresheners. All the car fanatics at the show were excited to encounter our very ‘special’ wagon. And yes, we did stand out against the back-drop of sleek and stylish Corvettes.

Later that afternoon we made our way to the small town of Rifton, NY to check into our cottage guesthouse. As a prior summer camp counselor and someone who is perfectly happy feeling a tad sweaty and even a smidge dirty, I love the nature surrounding our place. Driving on the road just minutes from our rental, I’ve seen families fishing and groups congregating around the canoe their about to board on the water. A huge part of me wishes we had a few spare hours in this area to pull over and make friends so I could fish and canoe, too! Here are some links to our place:

Our humble abode in the guest cottage that backs up to the river:

The neighboring 1829 stone cottage:

But alas, there were car shows to attend and parades to join, so Saturday night John and I went to the Hudson Valley Emergency Outfitters 2nd Annual Auto Show in Wappingers Falls, NY. We met the Mayor and enjoyed hanging out with the local police and fire officials… and their incredibly talented K9 friends! The police dogs put on a demonstration, showing us how they attack criminals, find drugs and explosives, and yet, they’re perfectly friendly dogs only moments later!

Best part of the evening: two sisters took the microphone during the awards ceremony to tell the story of their big brother. At 6 foot 4 inches, and 450 lbs, they claimed that he was an extremely unique person to them and to everyone he met. In his memory, they had created the “Most Unique Car” award. And the winner is… “car #1, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster!!!!”

It was an honor to accept that award and it made me think about our tour and what we’re doing. This summer on the road has been anything BUT your typical summer work experience. Everyday I see our funny Wagon Queen making people smile and jogging memories from those who “remember riding in the back when I was a kid!” I felt really lucky to be that person to accept the award because ultimately, everyone who’s been a part of our tour – whether you’re following our social media, reading our blog, or helping to plan our next stop from back in Austin, Texas – you should know that we’re doing a good thing out here, and it shows. I’m truly proud and, again, honored to be a part of this summer’s Great American Road Trip. =)

After a good nights’ sleep in Rifton, (for me at least… John’s still a bit under-the-weather,) we woke-up in the morning to head back to Wappingers Falls for a town parade and “Picnic in the Park.” Parade-goers waved and laughed when they saw us, the unexpected auto sandwiched between the local high school football team, The Cowboys, and a small marching band. I love the sounds of parades because where else is it perfectly acceptable to listen to marching band instrumentation and a Scottish fleet of drummers and bagpipe musicians at the same time. Amazing.

The parade ended at Messier Park, where we set-up the Truckster and enjoyed the afternoon of mingling with the local people and flavors of Wappingers Falls.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! (As soon as John gets back from the doctor,) we’re leaving for Niagra Falls, so I’ve got to go get ready for the drive. Enjoy these sights from New York:



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