Truckster Goes International, Eh!

This guy is leashed to the cliff!

This guy is leashed to the cliff!

At 10:13 pm last night, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster broke new ground…we went international!! That’s right, we went to Canada. However, getting here was not a simple slip across the border. After driving 6 hours (and stopping for some authentic Buffalo wings) our trip was suddenly halted by a big waterfall and the Border Patrol.

Getting across the border into Canada was no easy task. At the first wave of security, we were asked numerous times what we were doing in Canada.

Border Patrol: “Why are you going to Canada?”
Us: “Uh, working eh?”

Border Patrol: “What’s in all the suitcases, that’s a lot of luggage for two people.”

Us: “We have about 500 frisbees, beach balls, coozies and postcards combined on us sir, we don’t travel light when leaving the country, eh”
(we figured using the lingo would help boost our credibility).

About 5 minutes and 67 questions later, the officer handed us a card and told us to pull under the lit up roof to our left for further inspection. We messed this up a little by parking sideways so our sign could be seen by the masses, and we were instructed to maneuver the car in a more acceptable fashion. “But officer, in America, NOBODY takes these parking lines seriously!”

We entered the brightly lit, white building where Stephanie was graciously greeted by another officer, “How you doin’?”
“That’s great,” said with enough sarcasm to drown a fish, “Step over there.”

Over there, we were met by another officer who asked me twice what we were doing in Canada. Apparently, my first response of “We drive the Family Truckster,” doesn’t have a box to check off on the form.
Border Patrol: “I’m gonna ask you again, what are you doing here?”

Steph answered, “We are doing promotions for a company called HomeAway,” far more informative I guess.

Border Patrol: “Where are you staying?”

Us: “In a beautiful home listed on It’s got 3 bedrooms, a colorful living with lots of couches room and a HUGE fireplace!”

Border Patrol: “WHERE IS IT?! ADDRESS!”
“I’m not sure!” Steph replied, rummaging through her purse as if she was looking for a breath mint at the very bottom, “It’s in Ontario though, not too far.”
The officer’s gaze got colder and icier with each question.
“So you just pull into a Tim Horton’s parking lot and people take your picture?”
“I’m not at liberty to answer that question because I do not know what a Tim Horton’s is,” I replied, telling the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Needing to verify our story, the officer had gotten on HomeAway’s website to make sure our facts lined up. This was going to be her night. She was SURE that we were outlaws heading for the border and a life of freedom, escaping all authority and leaving our troubles and bogus bank accounts in the past. Oh yes, these two Americans are going NOWHERE on my watch!

Border Patrol: “So, why would you come to Canada if you’re driving around the U.S?”

At this point, I decided enough was enough. We needed to break down some barriers. We were going to unite America and Canada, using the Truckster as “border bond.” Kick all past hockey games to the curb and forget about how much gold and oil Alaska has.

I looked her straight in the eye and said, “You know, there’s a picture of our faces on that site somewhere in case you miss us after we leave here.”

Steph and I froze. I could see the officer’s diaphragm swell up underneath her bullet-proof vest and her eyes focus the screen, pupils narrowed, teeth clenched at the thought of joke-telling at a time like this.

Then, she blinked, letting out a chuckle that shook her forward about an inch, her lips taking a few seconds to return to their tightly pursed positions. “Ok, so you can go ahead now.”





About Jennifer Stafford
Jennifer is the Social Media Manager for HomeAway and has been with the company since 2007. She works on global social media programs and helps manage all of the US social media accounts. Prior to joining HomeAway she was the SEO lead for GEICO in Washington DC. Outside of work Jennifer travels as much as possible and is always planning her next trip!

4 Responses to Truckster Goes International, Eh!

  1. madre says:

    you two (three if you count Queenie) are too funny!!!!!!! xoxo

  2. Jaime says:

    Love the play-by-play! I hope you guys brought a pancho because it looks like the truckster’s about to get wet!

  3. greg says:

    Wheres your next Ontario stop?

  4. Liz says:

    Well now I know what the suitcases contain. Been wondering.

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