Truckster heads back home (Chicago)!

Truckster Squad

Truckster Squad

Today was full of emotion…mechanical emotion. We drove the Truckster back to her original builder, Gary Schneider! The Truckster pretty much guided us right in, minus the small bypass of Gary’s driveway during grand entrance. Steph and I had no idea how cool hanging out with Gary would be! We started the day by doing some interviews, drinking sodas in the driveway and then went out for some A-plus chicken fingers. In the evening, we went to a nearby car show and showed off Gary’s creations: The General Lee and the Truckster.

Gary's General Lee

Gary's General Lee

By the end of the day, we had so much respect for the man who gives life to junk metal that we had him sign both of our work T-shirts. He will finish the tour with us in spirit!


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