Ode to the Navy Pier in Chicago

By: Truckie Steph

‘Twas a bright and sunny day,
on the Navy Pier two months after May.
The Truckster wanted to say “hey,”
so we parked at the red gates like a welcoming ray.

Navy Pier, Chicago
By the red gates…

Families aplenty braved the great heat,
smelling of sunscreen and Chicago hotdogs (made with real meat,)
We caught some by surprise – they needed a seat,
when they saw the metallic-green pea and …Edna.


Some had read the Daily Herald,
“We saw you in the newspaper” those people caroled!

Truckster in the Daily Herald

"I saw you in the Daily Herald"

The Phillies are playing the Cubs on TV,
and lots of fans are still waiting for that winning spree.

“You were just in Niagara, I heard,”
said the man who nearly escaped the droppings of a bird.

Hoping tomorrow I’ll see the famous ‘Bean.’
It’s said to be shiny and round – but not green.

One thing is for sure – at an auto show we’ll be.
Find out which one by following me!

(Twitter: @homeawaytrip)

Greetings from the Midwest, we’re enjoying Chi-town galore,
Come check us out today with ‘Texas on Tour,’
But if you can’t make it, we’re here until Monday… stay tuned for more.

Navy Pier with Truckster

Fireworks will sound tonight,
Yes, at the Navy Pier, you’ve got that right!


About Jennifer Stafford
Jennifer is the Social Media Manager for HomeAway and has been with the company since 2007. She works on global social media programs and helps manage all of the US social media accounts. Prior to joining HomeAway she was the SEO lead for GEICO in Washington DC. Outside of work Jennifer travels as much as possible and is always planning her next trip!

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