Twin Cities Red Bull Flugtag with Team Griswold and the Flying Truckster

All I can write is “WOW”

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, you’ve GOT to watch this video from Saturday. We met some truly incredible people in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and guess what… they were HUGE Griswold Fans! Team Griswold, or team 20, at the Saint Paul, Minnesota Red Bull Flugtag Competition built the Family Truckster WITH WINGS! …incredible. Just watch the video, you can thank me later.

CONGRATS on taking home the well-deserved 3rd place trophy, Team Griswold!

PLUS history was made! We saw a world record for a flugtag flight broken when one fearless pilot soared a good 207 feet! You can watch that (amazing) clip here.

We just arrived in Deadwood, SD today and tomorrow, I’m hitting-up Mount Rushmore! YESSSS, I have a feeling everybody – it’s going to be a fun week!


PS shout-out to the bdays ‘of the hour’ Sarah, Kyle and Jaime! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the TRUCKSTER!!!


About Jennifer Stafford
Jennifer is the Social Media Manager for HomeAway and has been with the company since 2007. She works on global social media programs and helps manage all of the US social media accounts. Prior to joining HomeAway she was the SEO lead for GEICO in Washington DC. Outside of work Jennifer travels as much as possible and is always planning her next trip!

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