Storming the Beaches!

Painted lifeguard towers---a colorful touch!

Painted lifeguard towers---a colorful touch!

The last couple days we took advantage of the Southern California sun and hit the beaches. LA has some of the country’s most famous beaches including Santa Monica, Venice, Hermosa, Manhattan and Long Beach. Turns out an old woody wagon is a hit here in SoCal! Both Truckster fans and old school California lovers appreciated the Truckster for its cosmetic glory—not to mention the fact that we were giving away beach balls and frisbees AT the beach!
Venice Beach

Venice Beach

We find ourselves in Hermosa beach right now which is great because I hear this is one of the best surfing beaches in the LA area. I’ve been doing some surfing since we got here and trying to convince Steph to do the same but she claims the water is too cold. I also just grabbed a sweet deal on a longboard skate board—$30! When he said I could have it for $30, I asked him what’s wrong with it. His response, “It’s in really good shape, wheels are good, no cracks in the board, it’s just really ugly is all.” Clearly, I’m not one to judge the appearance of my transportation so I took him up on the offer. I told the him I’d give him a ride in the Truckster for giving me such a sweet price, I’m pretty sure he just made the best deal of his life!
Hermosa Beach street signs

Hermosa Beach street signs

One thing to note about the west coast is that most days start out hazy and end up completely sunny. This is a trend we’ve been spotting since Seattle. We thought the “burning off” was just a northwest thing, but as I write, I can see the haze disappearing from the Hermosa Beach horizon. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll see how Steph and I can never seem to come to grips with this miracle of Mother Nature.
Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Tomorrow we’re headed to Anaheim, home of Disneyland. I’m going to be looking out for Donald Duck because I’m seeking an autograph from the King of Quack. We might come back to LA for a Dodgers game or visit Newport Beach to add to our SoCal beach experiences. Talk to you soon…


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