A very Truckie bday in Southern California

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much for the big two-three this year on the birthday calendar. Mostly because I hardly know what day it is anymore… thus the fact that it was ALREADY birthday time really caught me by surprise.

But alas, the day has now come and gone, and I – for one – am all the older and wiser because of it.

How does a Truckie celebrate while on the road? you ask.

Well, It started with a surprise ‘mission.’

“Get in the car” John requested ever-so-pleasantly.

And away we went, cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard.

Destination: Cupcakes.

We soon arrived in Beverly Hills at the world’s very first cupcakery, Sprinkles. There was a line out the door, but John strutted past the sweet-toothed hopefuls and reemerged only moments later with a package that had my name on it.

My surprise was from HomeAway headquarters who had ordered me California’s finest birthday treat – 12 gourmet cupcakes that spelled out “It’s Your BDay!”

bday cupcakes


The rest of my ‘break day/birthday’ festivites included catching up with one of my favorite people who lives just south of LA, laying on the beach, watching the sunset behind the cliffs off the California coast line and hiking through one of the ‘local trails’ (the kind that’s not for tourists – word.) and finding a light house!

hiking pic of steph

Wait, I think I found a light house...

lighthouse on Cali coast

...I did!

My day was all very memorable and fun. Thanks for all the texts, tweets, Facebook messages and wall posts, and silly phone calls wishing me a very “Happy Birthday!”

❤ (The now twenty-three-year-old) Steph

PS – We’re still enjoying the Hollywood scene these days. Check out the presents that arrived today from HomeAway headquarters in Austin!

shipment from HQ

All for me? You really shouldn't have.

Those boxes may or may not be cozies and beach balls and frisbees and more…you’ll just have to come to this evening’s Anaheim Angel’s tailgate or tomorrow’s 10th Annual Uptown Whittier Car Show to find out!!!