Twin Cities Red Bull Flugtag with Team Griswold and the Flying Truckster

All I can write is “WOW”

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, you’ve GOT to watch this video from Saturday. We met some truly incredible people in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and guess what… they were HUGE Griswold Fans! Team Griswold, or team 20, at the Saint Paul, Minnesota Red Bull Flugtag Competition built the Family Truckster WITH WINGS! …incredible. Just watch the video, you can thank me later.

CONGRATS on taking home the well-deserved 3rd place trophy, Team Griswold!

PLUS history was made! We saw a world record for a flugtag flight broken when one fearless pilot soared a good 207 feet! You can watch that (amazing) clip here.

We just arrived in Deadwood, SD today and tomorrow, I’m hitting-up Mount Rushmore! YESSSS, I have a feeling everybody – it’s going to be a fun week!


PS shout-out to the bdays ‘of the hour’ Sarah, Kyle and Jaime! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the TRUCKSTER!!!


A Truckie’s day off in Niagara Falls

The pitter-patter became plops of wetness all too soon as the drops increased with intensity and frequency. A low rumble sounded in my ears, and my feet – though securely planted – rocked with the moving platform below me.

The Maid of the Mist was approaching the mighty falls of Niagara.

I caught a glimpse of rainbows and clear blue waters between the rushing crashes of the endless gallons that came flooding down to my eye level. There I stood, clad in my chic, see-through, blue poncho – just one among many other international citizens aboard the boat. All of us, standing there at the base of the falls, voluntarily getting slapped in the face with flyaway droplets and starring in all amazement at the grandiose power before us.  It was pretty awesome.

I was thankful in that exact moment in time that I had made friends with the traveling Florida couple beside me. (John had chosen a break day schedule consisting of responsibility and computer work… someone needs a job after Memorial Day.)  So, without regret I had adventured out on my own only to find myself here – the ‘maiden of the mist.’ It made the whole experience real, to exchange an understanding smirk with my new friends; a smirk that signified the reality of sharing THAT moment with the others… I AM in Canada. Holy Cow check out Niagara Falls!!!

There I was onboard the famed watercraft that so many had ridden before me, and will continue to ride for as long as the water flows. I loved it. I felt so small in front of the massive water curtain. I felt so united to the diversified crowds who stood beside me, experiencing the natural beauty with me. I felt so insignificant to be just one of the many people there, in that moment. Yet, I felt like the show was just for me. I felt….

…paranoid. I could not stop thinking over and over again: Don’t let the work camera get wet! Don’t let the work camera get wet!

PS – We’re sleeping in New Buffalo, Michigan tonight, and tomorrow we head to Chicago for the weekend! There’s a promise of Navy Pier and car shows galore...

Father’s Day Car Show in Maryland

Dear Dad,

I hope you had a relaxing Sunday. I spent the day with the Truckster in Capitol Heights, Maryland at a Father’s Day Car Show. The only thing that was missing was YOU!

Remember when you spent all that time in the car with me, teaching me how to drive. Thanks for sticking with me through all the close calls, and scary turns. You might have feared for your life a time or two – but I’m a much better driver these days because of it. I know the Truckster is thankful you made sure I was road-ready before letting me hit the gas, and I am too.

Consider this an IOU for a Fatherly celebration.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Love you,


P.S. – To all of the HomeAway Dad’s out there, whether your on the road or happily vacationing, the Truckies wish you all a very happy Father’s Day! Don’t forget to post a family vacation photo to our Facebook page at and win that $5,000 vacation you deserve!!!

Car Show Maryland

The green cars stick together

Steph and Truckster

Aren't you proud, Dad?!