Truckster Hits New York for TBEX!

The last two days we have been at TBEX ’10, which is a travel blogger conference.  I never knew there were so many things to learn about blogging!  Everything from podcasting to storyboarding was discussed…and then some.  One of the personal highlights of the conference was a speaker named Robert Reid.  He has a travel blog and also posts a video every Tuesday called the “76-Second Travel Show” (SSSTS).  This man is hilarious and has a really brief, yet creative take on creating travel videos that people want to watch.

Another large part of the conference is the parties each evening.  The first night’s party had different types of drink and appetizers from around the world scattered throughout it.  My favorite one was called the “Singapore Sling” because the title also suggested a crafty way to down it. At the parties, you can also meet a ton of fellow bloggers and travelers. Most of them know of eachother from their own tweets or blogs, but only on the internet so it’s fun to meet face-to-face with your favorite blog authors. It was great to reunite with Mara Gorman again, The Mother of All Trips. We’re told that her son Tommy misses us and wants Steph and me to apartment shop in their area when we’re done driving the Truckster.

On the final day of the conference I was heavily reminded that it was Pride Week in NYC.  I was taking the subway into the city to TBEX and I noticed that there were a lot of people dressed…hmmm, how do I say this…in rainbow underwear?  Does that clearly describe what I’m trying to say?  I had completely forgotten it was Pride Week so I just figured maybe I just wandered onto a train of very outspoken individuals.  I got off the train though and was greeted awesomely by one of the most interesting parades I’d ever seen!  It was the Gay Pride Parade!  What a grand experience—If you watch this video closely, you can see me almost getting smacked in the face with flying ice cream sandwiches while having Daft Punk blast in the background as a mobile soundtrack—I’ll give you a moment to absorb that.  But seriously, I’m really happy I captured this moment on tape.  This was just something I encountered on my trek into the city today, completely unexpected.  New York City-where you’re allowed to be a man, dressed as a woman, sitting on a convertible, parading through the most spectacular city on planet earth, dancing to a song you love, hurling ice-cream into onlookers who are cheering your powerful freedom expression.  What a place.

Tomorrow we’re off to Cape Cod!  Whenever I tell New Yorker’s we’re going to Cape Cod next the classic response is, “Cape Cod, nawt baaad!”  It will be tough to leave our NYC rental though, the house has original art by the owner all over it and definitely captures the feel of the city : (

Side note-I’ve been pulled over twice in NYC in the last 3 days.  Once because Aunt Edna was looking a little too “alive” and the other because you can’t make a right on red in Manhattan. Now you’ve been warned! Don’t carry something resembling a fictional dead Aunt in your backseat and no right turns on red in Manhattan! No tickets though!