Philadelphia Phillies Game

There’s nothing like a summer night at the ballpark! Today, after a little business in the office – I mean our Atlantic City townhome – John and I drove back to Philadelphia for the Phillies vs. the Clevland Indians baseball game.

It was great. The citizens of Philadelphia truly understand the mystique of the Truckster and there was all kinds of brotherly love in the warm welcome we received by tailgaters at the game. We’re talking dropped jaws, and fist pumps in the air when we rolled up. Families that had gathered around their big red cooler to debate whether it should be called “coke” or “soda” (in their city accents) stopped mid-sentence, shocked at the sight before them. As for me, I felt like a celebrity. What can I say…is there anything more American than baseball and the icon of family vacationing – united in the SAME PARKING LOT?

No, there isn’t.

As the clock ticked down to game time, I had the special privilege of meeting Mr. and Mrs. Gris— I mean John’s parents. They came from Harrisburg, PA (FYI: it’s the state capitol) just to see the metallic pea paint and eight headlights. Seriously, John was just a bonus. =)

We soon joined the 44,836 attendees for the night who had piled into the ballpark. I sat on the edge of my seat all night hoping for a Phillies homerun; all I wanted was to see the giant Liberty Bell (shaped out of lights that stands illuminated over the Citizens Bank Park sign off in the outfield) ring!

I waited.

And the Phillies Phanatic danced.

But the score remained 2:1 Phillies with no “dings” to be heard.

Suddenly, it was just about the middle of the 9th when pitcher Brad “Lights-Out” Lidge heaved the final blow that defeated the Indians, signifying another Phillies victory!

And much to my surprise…

Peace-out (I’m getting REALLY excited for NYC!) Steph