About the Truckies

The Road Trip has ended but you can search for great home rentals at HomeAway.com or find us on Facebook.

What is a “Truckie”?

The Truckster will be driven across the country by whom else … a Truckie!  Meet the Truckies to learn more about the traveling team from HomeAway.

The Truckies!

John W.

John loves football season, snowboarding, his dog and cat, surfing and anything claiming Penn State is #1. Hitting the road in an iconic vehicle isn’t new for him—a year after college he drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile around the country. After his stint as a Hotdogger, he moved to L.A. and became a talent agent, working with musicians and models. He decided to pursue this job as a Truckie because he’s pretty sure his dad was the original Clark Griswold. His favorite part about traveling is pretending to be a local in whatever city he’s in, even though he may never have been there before and might be leaving the next morning.

Stephanie E.

This May, Stephanie graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in public relations. She previously interned for HomeAway during the summer of 2008, just before she left to spend a year studying abroad in Uppsala, Sweden. The time in Europe afforded her the opportunity to travel to 11 countries, at which time she contracted a serious case of the travel bug. This summer she’s excited to visit her good friend, Interstate 10, and looking forward to discovering where other roads may lead. After this tour, she will head to NYC to start a full-time job at one of the Big Apple’s premiere digital media agencies.

Adam A.

Adam is the newest member of the public relations team at HomeAway. This summer, he will double as a fill-in Truckie when Stephanie heads back to Texas for her sister’s wedding and then again when she leaves the Great American Road Trip early for her new full-time gig.  Adam has experienced a lifetime of travel, first as an Army brat and most recently as a Hotdogger on the same Oscar Mayer Wienermobile tour as fellow Truckie, John. And like Stephanie, Adam is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and holds degrees in public relations and radio-television-film.


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